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The is a project centered on Usability and User Experience.

After create an amazing engagement with Portuguese readers during the last 4 years is now time to reach other horizons and open the community to the followers. The level of content maturity is growing up, like the professionalism and know-how from you and almost loyal followers.

Tips for publishing on 🥳

Articles published on must reveal authenticity.
The blog focuses on matters of usability, user interface, user experience and research. You can send other topics if you want, further we will see together how relevant and useful could be to the community. expects the best from you, an opinion, a criticism, acquired knowledge, a challenge to readers, an interview with someone you admire, a request for help…
Be creative and authentic.

How do I send? 💌

After creating your piece of gold, you should put it on Google Docs (or another platform), and share it with
You can and should suggest images, and all visual elements that are essentials to embrace your words. Please write in english.

And then? 🤔 will read your first article and if it fulfills all the requirements it will be created a profile for you in backoffice. 😍
From then on you will be able to access to our wordpress platform so that you can quickly contribute and post more and more articles for admin review.

The articles will be disseminated on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and in groups and communication channels in the area.

Are you in? 😱