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🎙 presents Significa

Our Branding evolves around an egg. Our logo is an outlined egg, and the avatars of our team members are created over an egg shape. The egg is always the centerpiece.

Now you may ask: how does this tie with Inspirational Offices? In our case, a huge amount.

Our brand hasn’t always been around an egg. And the inception of the egg originated in our office a few years ago. As we grew in size, we had to look for a new, bigger place. We wanted something we could build on, customize to our taste, and develop to our needs. Choosing a pre-configured space limited by its wall wasn’t something we were keen to get. Instead, we wanted an ample open space we could refurbish and adapt as we’d need.

We found the space: a garage with around 30 cars parked, in pretty bad condition, but with a stunningly decent area and an even better price tag due to the bad conditions.

Done deal! We hired an architect. At one of the very first iterations of the project, we got presented with an oval-shaped auditorium. A yellow, egg-like form, painted on the grey, cemented floor, wrapped by a hanging curtain that could open or close as per the occasion.

The yellow egg shape got scrapped off the project because we could use the spacing better, but the idea persisted. First, it developed into jokes and puns, and then memes. The egg was already part of us.

These days, the office has nothing to do with eggs. It has an entrance that reminds the pedestrians of a nightclub, given the bright-red neon at the door that reads “Hello world” in a welcoming fashion – we find it provoking, we find joy in this.

It is a narrow-ish open space with two iron modules symmetrically placed in the main area. But regardless of what it is today, even though the original yellow egg is nowhere to be seen, our logo came from it.

Later, our brand developed from there – as you probably know at this point. However, interestingly enough, the concept of each one of us being an egg and the office being our nest, the comfort zone, is probably the strongest among us. And even today, in this remote-first environment we work in, we all know the nest, the office, is warmly hanging in there, waiting for us.

In our case, we know what came first: the egg. And because we know, we framed it.


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